DCC Industries
  • Removal of fat deposits
  • Anti-aging treatments
  • Calloused and creaked skin repairal
  • Salon Specifics
  • Inojex 30 needle free injector

Manufacturers of hair and beauty products DCC INDUSTRIES Supplier of State of The Art Beauty &
Aesthetic Products

DCCI hair and beauty industry

DCC Industries was established in 2000 as a company that focuses on distribution and manufacturing of products relating to the hair and beauty industry.

Distribution: Being at the forefront of technology in the industry, DCC has held constant growth and has incorporated products for distribution through head office. A dynamic team operates under supervision of our Sales Director that services our clientele. We believe that no dream is too big, no mountain too high and if the sky is the limit, then we’ll meet you in space.

Manufacturing: A product is but one aspect of having a successful brand. Choosing the correct packaging, marketing material and distribution strategy completes a story for success. DCC caters for small to medium business enterprises internationally and is the only manufacturing company that offers product training for the client operating in specialised hair and skincare.